"The last 11 years photographing in New York City, my fabulous clients gave me the name .. Mary Queen of Headshots.  I  laughed and ignored it for a while, and then I decided to have some fun with the headshot experience and went for it.  My photo sessions are simple and pure.  I will softly direct you so you will not feel LOST in your session.  I will get you out of your head so you will have confidence beaming from your eyes.  I worked full-time, professionally for 12 years acting and modeling in New York City and I will tell you there is NO additude in my studio.  Just good laughs and beautiful photographs.  My goal is for you to walk out of your session with me with a big smile and a knowing you have an effective headshot for your business, acting or modeling career or your personal life.      

MY FAVORITE THINGS:  I love photography, acting, music, cats and dogs, grilled cheese, chocolate, family, elephants, hersey's syrup, sleep, trees, the beach, nordstroms, paris, california, coffee ice cream, texture, horses, reading, wine, archie comic books, canon, yard sales, springtime, ocean city, new jersey, my mom, john denver, zero 7, hgtv, decor, roasted anything, really good sheets, a really good hair colorist, honesty, humor, sandford and son and sweet potatoes ... and I will do everything I can to make your shoot fun and keep you well informed.  Oh! and I am Scottish!  Queen Mary lives again!"

Warmly, Mary